IDDP Chelsea and Covid-19 (Coronavirus)
Updated: April 25, 2021

Beginning April 20, 2021, services will return to outdoor for the warmer season depending on the weather on that day. Tuesday services have also returned but on a limited basis. For the safety of all our members and visitors, we will follow the current Standards and Checklist for Places of Worship provided by the state of Massachusetts.

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Getting the Latest Information

As things change, we will continue to monitor the situation. As such, we will be provided updates in the following locations:

Summary of Changes

  • Sunday services will start at or around 10:00AM, Tuesday services will start at or around 7:30PM, and Thursday Bible School will start at or around 7:00PM.
  • The amount of people permitted within the church will be limited. Contact Pastor Francisco Caro for more information.
  • For Sundays - If the weather is clear, services will be held in the parking lot of IDDPChelsea. The Sanctuary and Basement Hall will be used for overflow. If the weather prevents services from being held outside, the service will take place in the Sanctuary with overflow in the Basement Hall.
  • For Tuesdays, service will be held the Sanctuary.
  • For Thursdays, one class will be held in the driveway tent if the weather permits.

Tithing (Diezmo) and Donations

Tithes and Donations can be given when the church is open. At this moment, there is no electronic payment system.

Online Broadcast

We will be offering an online broadcast every Sunday beginning at 10:00AM at the earliest until we are able to reopen the church to its full capacity. You can watch or listen to the broadcast on the following platforms:

Live Broadcast Locations

Re-broadcast Options

* Broadcast depends on availability